Very welcoming and warm which put me at ease for my breathing session and allowed me to open up more. Major release of tension - the facilitator found all my tension spots.
S.H. - Drama Student

I find massage with Pam both relaxing and most helpful to my Osteoarthritis which has improved considerably over time.
J.D. - Retired Nurse

Pamela is a very gentle soul and has a great depth to her. She had my 'well-being' close to her heart, and through her tenderness and experience of breathwork, I had a wonderful letting go of tension in my body and an emotional release, which left me feeling 'whole' again, clear in mind and full of joy! This is wonderful work!
Jenny S. Holistic Massage Therapist, Mother and Grandmother

After a massage with Pamela, I feel as relaxed as if I have been on a hassle-free holiday. - DA - City Banker

Following a massage with Pam I feel relaxed, nurtured and ready to face the day! - KC Medical Secretary

The breath session really helped clarify confusion in my mind. I also found that blocked areas of self-expression began to flow with ease. I felt so much lighter, clearer and focussed after the sessions.
MD, Life Coach, Company Director & Mother

My breath session with Pam was like having an emotional, mental and physical spring clean. Pam expertly guided me through the various stages of the breathwork so that I was able to experience and release both physical and emotional blockages. I felt 100% encouraged and supported by Pam throughout the session and was left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with renewed strength and spirit. - KC Practice Manager