See Daily Mail Article for an article by Patric Strudwick Sunday in the Daily Mail, 10th November 2013, on transformational breathwork which explains the process in detail and his experience, including the positive effects the session had in calming his anxiety.

See Guardian Article for an article by Frances Stonor Saunders in The Guardian, Friday 13 January 2012 on transformational breathwork sessions on a retreat in Lanzarote. inc

See Jewish Chronicle Article for an article by by Sharron Livingston, May 14, 2013 in the Jewish Chronicle, her experience at a retreat in Lanzarote.

"After one hour of full body massage by Pam, my entire body felt completely relaxed and soothed. From the moment I entered her calm and welcoming practice, I felt very special and completely at ease. I am certainly coming back!" Ana D. Fashion Designer/Mother

"Touch is a universal language, massage is one of its forms." (Caduceus)